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Dornberg food basket – help that arrives!

For more than 20 years, families and individuals on low incomes have been receiving donated food, household goods and clothing. It doesn’t matter what origin or religion our customers come from. The Christian project was founded by 2 Catholic and 5 Protestant parishes in the north-west of Bielefeld.

The distribution takes place every Friday from 12:30 pm in the Babenhausen community centre, Babenhauser Str. 151, 33619 Bielefeld.

With the support of the German Red Cross and its vehicles, food that can still be used is collected from shops, bakeries, markets, companies and vegetable farmers. The volunteers check and sort the available goods. Fruit, vegetables, dairy products, baked goods and bread are then presented as invitingly as possible, just like in a market. This allows our customers to make their own choices according to their needs and preferences.



Two points are important when registering: the place of residence and a „Bielefeld Pass“. Individuals or families with demonstrably low income (such as citizen’s allowance, basic income support in old age, housing benefit, etc.) can obtain this pass from the Bielefeld Solidarity Foundation, the job centre or the social welfare office.

Please bring your Bielefeld Pass and your identity card with you when you register.


Customers must live in the north-west of Bielefeld. This includes:

  • 33611 Schildesche
  • 33613 Gellershagen / Babenhausen
  • 33615 Dornberg / Babenhausen / Uni
  • 33619 Babenhausen / Dornberg / Hoberge
  • 33739 Theesen / Jöllenbeck / Dornberg

The Bielefelder Tisch, the Brackweder Lebensmittelpunkt, the Bielefelder Tafel etc. of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bielefelder Tische are responsible for providing for people in the other areas of the city.

Due to the high number of people in need of support, our customers can currently collect food every fortnight. When they register for the first time, they receive an information sheet with dates and times. The initial registration should take place on Fridays between 11am and 12pm at the latest.


Opening hours

  • Food distribution: every Friday from 12:30 pm
  • Clothes store: every 1st and 2nd Friday of the month from 11:00 to 13:30


You will find the Dornberg food basket distribution centre in Bielefeld-Babenhausen:

Parish hall of the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Babenhausen
Babenhauser Str. 151
33619 Bielefeld

Directions to the Dornberger food basket

Bus stops nearby

Haltestelle „Babenhausen Feuerwehr“ | Linien 57, 58, 158
Haltestelle „Thomashof“ | Linien 57, 59, 68, 157
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